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Theoretical aspects of cash and settlement services for individuals and legal entities

The banking system is a combination of credit institutions and various types of national banks operating through a monetary mechanism.
Commercial banks are banks, service organizations, as well as their customers.
Commercial banks, and in particular, Sberbank of Russia, plays an important role in implementing the policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, ensuring compliance with the amount of cash in circulation, managing inflation, the ruble exchange rate, maintaining stability of monetary circulation in the country, the level of employment, and maintaining normal economic growth. 
Having clients’ funds in their accounts, they can lend them to economic entities that lack funds to make payments, investments, etc. With this they provide internal accumulation of funds for the development of the country’s economy.
Cash and settlement services is one of the most important areas in the activities of a commercial bank.
Passing money through bank accounts requires special attention and strict order. Given the pace of development of banking services, increased non-cash transactions in the calculations and individuals and legal entities. Therefore, the study of this process is of great importance for banking.
The relevance of this topic is dictated by the whole course of development of banking services.
Functioning payment system, which is a set of organizational forms, payment instruments, rules, technological tools and procedures that ensure the circulation of funds between the subjects of settlement relations.
The financial and economic situation of both individual subjects and the country as a whole depends on the quality and reliability of the mechanism. Therefore, the settlement and payment relations are an important part of the monetary policy of the state. This explains the relevance of my chosen topic of work.
Today, one of the directions of the Bank is to reach a new level of customer service.
The above determined the relevance of the thesis.
The purpose of this final qualifying work is to study the mechanism of cash management services in Sberbank of Russia and identify ways to improve it.
To achieve this goal, a number of tasks were set and solved:
– To characterize the essence and the concept of cash management services
– To analyze the organization of settlement and cash services for bank customers;
– Propose ways to improve cash management services.
The main significance of the study of this work is to offer ways to improve cash and settlement services, which will increase the effectiveness of the activities of Sberbank of Russia and strengthen its position in the banking services market.
Essence and functions of cash transactions
The Law “On Banks and Banking” defines the list of main banking operations. These include:
– Attraction of funds of individuals and legal entities in deposits (demand and for a certain period);
– placement of attracted funds on its own behalf and at its own expense;
– opening and maintaining bank accounts of individuals and legal entities;
– making settlements on behalf of individuals and legal entities;
– collection of cash, payment and settlement documents, bills and cash services for individuals and legal entities;
– purchase and sale of foreign currency in non-cash and cash forms;
– attraction of deposits and placement of precious metals;
– issuance of bank guarantees;
– making transfers on behalf of individuals without opening bank accounts (with the exception of postal money transfers).
Almost all of the listed banking operations are carried out within the framework of settlement and cash services for various categories of clients in the operational divisions of commercial banks.
A commercial bank is interested in attracting customers for settlement and cash services. This interest is caused by the fact that attracted funds, primarily deposits and balances in settlement accounts, form the bank’s resources, which it then allocates in order to get maximum profit in the interests of its shareholders.