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Modern ways of promoting banking services on the Internet

Modern market relations dictate their business conditions. As Bill Gates said in his book Business at the Speed ​​of Thought: “In the future, two types of companies will remain on the market: those who are online and those who have gone out of business.” This trend has affected the banking sector. A huge number of projects and programs are implemented using the World Wide Web, but despite the huge opportunities of the Internet in terms of attracting new customers, most banks either do not use these tools and methods at all, or use them insufficiently.
Any strategies to promote services should be based on something. The required base will differ depending on the method of promotion and goals. In this article we will focus on the following elements, which are the most significant and effective:
1. Landing (“landing page”) is a separate page of the site or, in some cases, several pages, the main purpose of which is to convince the user to perform an action.
2. Group or page in social networks. Required for quick communication with potential customers through the provision of information.
3. Official site. Serves as the main source of information for customers. If the landing page does not “hook” a potential client, he can find other services and offers that can attract him using the official website.
Next, we consider directly the ways of promotion.
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1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The first and key way to promote banking products is to optimize pages for search engines. This method allows you to receive interested potential customers who are more likely to order banking services.
A systematic approach to this method allows you to achieve excellent results using the minimum amount of money. The user is looking for the service he needs and gets a great offer.
2. Contextual advertising. This method is similar to the previous one, with the exception of one fact – pages are promoted not by internal and external factors, but by advertising.
In the search results to the pages of top print advertising blocks. As a rule, these are 2-3 links that also answer user questions.
In addition to search results, contextual advertising can be displayed on the pages of partner sites of the search engine. For example, such an advertisement may be contained on a page with a text comparing the offers of various banks. The client will read the information and will be able to immediately go on advertising to the desired site, and then order the service. The main disadvantage of this method is the high cost, especially in competitive niches.
3. Use affiliate programs. This method opens a group of new ways to promote banking services on the Internet. Since they appeared relatively recently, the competition in this area is at a low level, which means that it is possible to effectively attract new customers.
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The essence of affiliate programs is that it is not the bank itself that will promote the services, but the partner, using the company’s base. The bank can work with partners directly or cooperate with affiliates (intermediaries).
The bank applies to the affiliate or directly to the partners with an offer. If an affiliate participates in the chain, then based on his service, he creates an offer that the partners see. You can set restrictions, for example, only for those who specialize in financial offers or make an offer accessible to everyone. For each completed operation, the affiliate receives a certain percentage.
Next partner accepts the offer and begins to use various types of promotion services. The client first gets to the site to the partner, and then to the bank, where the transition is recorded, and statistics are also kept. The statistics is transferred to the affiliate, and the affiliate already pays the money to the partners.
Currently, the following trends in the development of these techniques are observed:
1. Gradual narrowing of the segments. The needs of potential customers are becoming more specific. For their complete satisfaction, it is necessary to conduct thorough monitoring and analysis, as well as provide relevant information. For each request, the most comprehensive, useful and relevant information should be provided. This will provide a very strong competitive advantage.
2. Strengthening interactions. The lively impact of bank employees on potential customers has the strongest impact. It often happens that the client simply does not understand the offer of the bank, therefore he refuses it or postpone the acceptance.